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October 10, 2018

Cyberculture And The New Digital (“Xperimental”) Poetics – An Interview With Daniel Y. Harris And Irene Koronas (Esthesis Editors)

“What has Athens to do with Jerusalem?” the ancient Christian thinker Tertullian pointedly asked in highlighting the apparent incommensurability between the two dominant discourses of his day – philosophy and religious revelation. Daniel Y. Harris Today, considering the disconsolation of the arts and humanities amidst the digitization of all life…

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August 29, 2016

Metamodernism – Art After Postmodernism (Sandra Ceas)

Donald Kuspit, postmodern art critic and professor of art history and philosophy, gives a dated and surface view to what is imminently going on in the contemporary world of art in the twenty-first century when he calls it “narcissistic,” “meaningless” and “decadent” in its “metamodern” existence. Two scholars from the…