August 31, 2016

Esthesis is an electronic magazine (“e-mag”) that publishes thoughtful, innovative, sometimes provocative, and even quirky articles on the arts and contemporary ideas and culture.  Esthesis draws on a variety of contributors, including artists and academics as well as community, business, and thought leaders.  Esthesis also explores certain unexplored dimensions of consumer trends and the world of fashion and advertising.

Esthesis is partner of the Global Art & Ideas Network (GAIN).

We welcome invite submissions, including unsolicited ones.  Articles should be a minimum of 800 and a maximum of 2500 words and should not be merely “op-ed” pieces about current events that are in the headlines.  They should engage at both a theoretical and analytical lever larger trends, issues, and interconnections within the arts and the culture of the present day, especially in a global context.

Please email queries or completed articles to the editor along with a short bio (maximum 300 words) of yourself.  If you are interested in becoming a regular, listed contributor, please submit a full resume.