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Posted in Art Theory
August 31, 2016

Ambient Rhetoric And Graphic Novels (Sergio C. Figueiredo)

In the fall of 2015 I taught a Literary Genre course Kennesaw State University in Georgia on the Graphic Novel (ENGL 3230 Syllabus).  I taught it from the perspective of rhetorical genres as described by Carolyn Miller in “Genre as Social Action.” the features of which are as follows: Genre…

Posted in Consumer Culture
August 30, 2016

Shopping And The Design Of Mobile Apps As Inwardness (Colbey Reid)

One of the hazards of living in great place when you’re a student is the knowledge that when you’re done with school, you will probably have to leave there to find work. That isn’t a dilemma that plagues all professions, but it is exactly the problem that confronted me after…